What Do International Law Solicitors in the UK Do?

international law attorneys

International law, also known as the law of nations or public international law, is essentially a body of legal rules, laws, standards, and norms that apply between sovereign states, their individuals, and businesses. Typically, international law attorneys in the UK have a wide range of areas of expertise that enable them to win cases that require commercial and civil arbitration, litigation, and regulatory actions on an international level.

International law solicitors need to have a firm grasp of international law and how the geopolitical environment can impact their cases. They work closely with governing bodies, such as international embassies, high-profile clients, multinational corporations, and more. Usually, they have to handle all types of multi-jurisdictional and multi-disciplinary cases that require them to have vast knowledge, flexibility in their practice, and access to easy mobility to excel in cross-border cases.

Areas of Expertise of International Law Attorneys in the UK

International law attorneys in the UK offer a vast array of specialised legal services to national clients and those with EU connections and international clients working in the country, trying to acquire citizenship or expand their business.

Here are some areas of expertise that these lawyers focus on:

International Family Law

This area of law covers legal family matters when one or both partners reside or work in another country. The legal aspects might include offshore finances and assets, familial relations, and international custody or adoption. Hiring international law solicitors also becomes essential during divorce disputes and proceedings. They can work on a fair division of offshore assets, amicable or distraught separations, and required subsidiary legal actions.

International Debt Recovery

Several international debt recovery regulations must be followed to recover the outstanding payments revolving around high debt amounts. Debt recovery attorneys take immediate action to help you get that amount through preliminary legal actions, thorough litigation, and all related debt recovery process phases. Whether your case is related to money laundering, debt, fraud, white collar crimes, etc., an international law solicitor in the UK can help you.

International Wills and Probates

International law attorneys also work with laws surrounding probates, estate management, and wills. They can advise you on several areas concerning your loved ones’ probates, inheritance problems, and more. These lawyers have experience handling court cases covering inheritance and assets based in different countries in the EU and outside of it.

Other International Legal Areas of Expertise

Other areas of expertise in international law include business and private immigration, extradition, business defence, international criminal law involving international tribunals and dealing with international crimes, and international human rights law. Experienced lawyers deal with human rights complaints and claims internationally, bringing them forward in human rights courts and bodies worldwide.

Regardless of the type of case you have, you will need the guidance and help of an attorney who specialises in international law to find success. It’s because they will know where your case will be tried and what rules and laws they need to follow to deliver favourable outcomes for you.