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Criminal Defence

Our white-collar crime solicitors believe that ‘you are innocent until proven guilty

Whether the criminal offence occurred in the UK or abroad, our team of international criminal law solicitors can come to your aid

Here is an overview of our criminal defence services

Criminal Defence Lawyers

Who We Are

Whether you are a part of an ongoing criminal investigation or face criminal charges and allegation, consult a lawyer immediately. Hiring a defence attorney from the start can mitigate possible risks.

We also have a legal aid contract for clients dealing with criminal investigations (or charges). We offer these services if the client’s maximum income meets the criteria set to qualify for legal aid in the UK and the EU (depending on their location).

In both cases, our presence can allow you to tackle interrogations expertly. We represent both individuals and businesses during these cases. Even though this is a stressful situation, know that our dedicated team is here to support you. We can represent you in all legal matters, and fight for your rights within the legal system. Our experienced team can handle all sorts of charges. That includes everything from minor driving offences, VAT offences, money laundering and serious crimes (i.e. sex offences, drug abuse, and manslaughter.

Hiring an international law firm like ours gives you the opportunity to work with the same lawyer across multiple jurisdictions. We also undertake cases that face criminal in the Magistrates Court, Crown Court, High Court and Supreme Court.

Over the years, we have assisted many high-profile clients across many different countries around the world. We manage to win the crowd over with calculative and actionable strategies. During this time, we safeguard your financial and personal assets by minimising potential threats.  Our criminal defence attorneys can also offer reputation management services if required.

Apart from this, most of our team is fluent in more than one language. That means we can converse in foreign languages. We believe that this sets the client at ease and makes it possible for our attorneys to overcome language barriers. It is an excellent quality to have when we work on international criminal cases.

Criminal Defence Services

What We Do

Police Station Advice

These services are available to individuals who require representation during interrogations. With the assistance of a qualified criminal defence lawyer, the investigators are less likely to misuse your statements and frame you for a crime you did not commit.

Our 24 hr hotline is always open for emergencies. That way, our lawyers can come to your aid as soon as you are taken into custody.

Driving Offences

Motor offence might seem small, but they do have a significant impact on your record. That is why we provide solicitation to clients who are facing charges regarding speeding tickets, reckless driving, driving under drug influence, and other misdemeanours.

Serious Crime

The UK and EU legal system regarding serious crimes feature a wide variety of legal aspects and criminal offences. They range from but are not limited to, drug offences, unlawful possession of firearms, sexual offences, and manslaughter (or homicide).

We offer specialised criminal defence services for these cases. You can expect our lawyers to diligently track and pursue witnesses/evidence that would free you from the charges.

White Collar Crime

White-collar crime refers to non-violent crimes. These offences are committed through fraud, violation of contracts, and concealment. They generally involve financial profits acquired to avoid bankruptcy, pay debts, or to secure current assets.

The main types of white collar crimes include money laundering, corporate fraud, embezzlement, and even VAT offences.

Fraud & VAT Offences

Fraud and VAT offences are not restricted to business defence cases. They also revolve around individuals who pay insufficient taxes, falsify information, or commit other tax-related offences.

Our criminal defence lawyers are available for consultation and representation during these situations. We undertake all necessary tasks from handling documentation to representing you in the court.

With years of expertise, our services are highly valued in this area. We have worked in multiple UK-based and international cases involving law enforcement agencies like:

As a result, we are the best choice for clients who are allegedly charges for fraud and VAT offence.

Money Laundering

We can expertly handle complex proceedings revolving money laundering allegations and lawsuits (including AMLD5). This often means that we will be in charge of confiscation and asset recovery proceeding services too.

These cases are very technical and deal with detailed paperwork. Cross border money laundering cases require us to widen our network. Despite these challenges, we are willing to defend you in the best way possible. Our main goal is to minimise financial losses and to prevent long-term imprisonment.

Personalised Criminal Defence Services

Consult with trusted solicitors, who always prioritise your needs.

As an international boutique law firm, we cover a full range of criminal defence services. Our area of expertise includes serious crimes, general offences, and white collar crimes, etc.

We take each case seriously and keep your private details confidential. You can expect us to handle everything discreetly when undertaking high profile cases that are under media scrutiny.

Apart from this, we promise to provide customised legal solutions. That means understanding your needs and navigating through the proceedings in a way that leads to desirable outcomes.

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