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Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Do you need bankruptcy solicitor to file for bankruptcy? Would you like legal and financial advice on recovering assets lost in an ongoing bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Lawyers

By definition, these are legal procedures, which occur when an individual or business is unable to clear their debt(s). Bankruptcy happens when individual clients suffer from a financial crisis, while insolvency refers to the condition of business enterprises.

Bankruptcy lawyers and personal insolvency solicitors often suggest early intervention by requesting clients to file for bankruptcy/insolvency. After the submission of the clients’ petition, the court evaluates the debtor’s assets and finances.

The court then transfers the assets to creditors, as a repayment of the outstanding dues.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Solicitors – What We Do?

Trust our boutique international law firm to safeguard your rights.

Whether your creditors served you through a statutory demand for bankruptcy or filed a petition against you, it does not matter.

Our solicitors are ready to offer legal consultancy for individuals and businesses alike. They utilize their experience in bankruptcy solicitation and expertise to devise an action plan. 

We begin by evaluating the case and considering the implications of filing a petition for bankruptcy/insolvency. After careful assessment, we outline the best strategy to mitigate risks. Throughout the process, we ensure that we meet all the deadlines and identifying the quickest resolution. 

With seasoned bankruptcy lawyers by your side, most clients feel a peace of mind. They appreciate the legal and moral support from our international solicitors offer. We also strive to achieve desirable results while keeping things confidential if required.

Our insolvency lawyers actively assist in all phases of the  company’s insolvency process. It includes everything from negotiating arrangements, to the company’s administration handover and receivership. Besides this, they are involved in the liquidation stage. It is when, the clients assets are sold to pay their debts.

Our team ensures that our decisions revolve around your requirements instead of generic solutions. That way, you have a better chance of recovering from these dire circumstances.

What’s More?

If you consult us during the initial stages, then we might devise an alternative solution. There is a chance that you can clear your debts without filing for bankruptcy or insolvency.

Annulment of Bankruptcy

You may also ask for assistance in other circumstances. For instance, challenging the legitimacy of a bankruptcy petition is a possibility too.

The annulment of bankruptcy is possible on the grounds of a technical error or miscommunication. You might prove that the ‘alleged debts’ were already paid. With substantial evidence, the court might agree to cancel the bankruptcy order. With it, the bankrupt can recover assets and is free from all obligations placed upon them during bankruptcy.

When Should You Hire Bankruptcy & Insolvency Solicitors?

Consider timely consultations before things get complicated.

In our opinion, filing for bankruptcy should be the last resort. You should only take this step when your financial crisis escalates beyond control. You can also request a consultation if your creditors are threatening to serve you with a statutory demand.

In both cases, our boutique law firm for international solicitation can be of assistance. We provide legal support and offer financial management advice to resolve the issue. 

Additionally, our association with international bodies allows us to take over bankruptcy cases outside national jurisdiction. That means we can accommodate multinational corporations and international clients efficiently.

Do you need a bankruptcy & insolvency lawyer?

Our team of international insolvency solicitors are ready to support you. Contact us today to get the right representation!


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