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International Law

Experience unparalleled international legal services across the UK, EU & beyond

AM International Solicitors is a leading boutique international law firm. Based at the epicentre of the UK (London) and Europe (Warsaw), our dual headquarters serve as the connection between the two regions in a post-Brexit world. We back this strategic positioning with years of experience in international law.

Our areas of expertise include civil and commercial litigation, arbitration and regulatory actions concerning international, geopolitical, and diplomatic cases.  We also work closely with governing bodies (i.e. embassies and international organisation), multinational corporations, and high profile clients.

Our team consists of top international solicitors who are experts in handling multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional cases. Their knowledgeable insights, flexibility, and mobility allow them to excel in complex cross-border cases. They are equally skilled in representing clients within their national jurisdictions.

Areas of Expertise

We offer a full range of specialised legal services to clients with UK and EU connections and ones who work here, are interested in acquiring citizenship or expanding their business network.

International Family Law

International family law covers legal family matters where one or both partners resides/works in another country. Other legal aspects include offshore assets (i.e. bank accounts and properties), international adoption or familial relations.

Hiring international family solicitors becomes essential during divorce proceedings and disputes. Here our focus is on organising a fair and just division of offshore assets. We also handle separations and other subsidiary legal actions required in such a scenario.

Our cooperative and supportive team of family lawyers will tailor their services around your best interests. That way, you can expect desirable results once the case is finalised.

You can learn more about our family law services here.

International Wills and Probates

We are well versed in international law revolving wills, probates and estate management. Our international solicitors can advise you in multiple areas concerning your loved ones’ wills and probates. It is especially true for wills and inheritance that cover worldwide assets (i.e. in both the EU and other regions outside the UK).

You can learn more about our legal services regarding wills and probate here.

International Debt Recovery

International debt recovery is intimidating for creditors with no knowledge of international debt recovery regulations. Outstanding payments revolving around high-value debts can hinder operations within your company. Due to this, debt recovery lawyers need to take immediate action once they take over the case.

Fortunately, our elite team of international solicitors excels in this area. From preliminary legal actions, litigations to recovery, we handle all phases of international debt recovery with ease. Additionally, we offer legal services for various kinds of debt recovery cases, including ones associated with fraud, money laundering, and white collar crimes.

How do we recover debt from EU?

The EU has specific rules regarding cross-border claims for debt recovery. If your debtor denies delayed payment, we follow the European Small Claims procedure. It applies to debts that cost less than €5,000. We will use the national court system for debts involving a higher sum.

Alternatively, if your debtor admits debt, we follow the European Payment Order (EPO). According to this, you can make claims that go uncontested once you submit the official forms. Our understanding of this legal procedure optimises debt recovery in the EU. We also have connections within the legal system that could come to your aid if something goes amiss.

Please note:  Current rules regarding debt recovery in the EU might not be viable from 1 January 2021. Our vigilant team carefully monitors the ongoing legal implications related to EPO and related guidelines.

Other international legal services include:

Polish Law

AM International Solicitors is specifically well-versed in Polish law. One of our headquarters is located in Warsaw. We are also affiliated with the Polish Law Firm of Advocate Anna Matelska. Both factors provide us with the autonomy, mobility, and credibility to represent clients in multiple areas of the Polish jurisdiction.

Do you want to know more?

 Visit our official website for Polish Law for further details:

Do you have more questions?

  We are willing to answer all queries about our international legal services.

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