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UK pre-lodgement model

UK Imports: Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Lodgement

In the wake of the post-Brexit transitionary period, the UK revamped many of its export and import policies and conventions. Many of the steps that were taken by Great Britain
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restrictions of food imports to the UK

Rules on Bringing Food Products into the UK from the EU

The aftermath of the post-Brexit transition period saw the UK make several changes to its policies and regulations regarding imports from and exports to and through the EU. One of
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Exporting Goods from Great Britain

Exporting Goods from Great Britain: What You Need to Know About CTC Movements

In the wake of the Brexit post-transition period, you might be wondering whether you need to use common transit or union transit to export your goods outside of Great Britain.
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UK Hauliers

Exit Summary Declaration – What it is and When to Make it?

If you are a UK haulier moving goods outside the UK and you haven’t filled out a full customs export declaration, you’ll need to make an exit summary declaration. Most
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UK hauliers permits

Documents and Permits Required by UK Haulier to Access EU States

In the wake of both Brexit and the COVID pandemic, the EU has mandated various changes in the necessary documentation and permits of UK hauliers who require access to states
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Commercial Frauds

Types of Business Crimes and Commercial Frauds You Must Know About

Business crimes and commercial frauds are some of the most common and devious criminal activities taking place today. Although there are many different types of business crimes, they all have
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