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Impact of Brexit on the Immigration Policy

Decoding Cross-Border Immigration after Brexit

Immigration is easily one of the most pressing issues faced by the cross-border nations in the wake of Brexit. Britain finally exited the European Union on 31 January 2020, following
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Resolving cross-border disputes

Practical Steps to Resolve Challenges Faced During Cross-Border Disputes

Disputes and disagreements between parties in the UK and EU member states are inevitable in the wake of Brexit. In most cases, a lot depends on the specific facts, figures,
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Is Brexit a Force Majeure Event?

Cross Border Contracts: Is Brexit a Force Majeure Event?

Despite the gradual Brexit process, uncertainty lingers over businesses on both sides of the Brexit border. The true impact of Brexit on the EU-UK trade will inevitably become apparent with
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A puzzle depicting Brexit

Understanding Cross-Border Insolvency Post-Brexit

The UK-EU Trade Deal left lots of questions unanswered for many law experts and corporations. One of the main concerns was recognising and enforcing foreign insolvency proceedings when there is
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An image of currency to represent anti-money laundering laws

The Legal Implications of Brexit on Anti-Money Laundering

What are the legal implications of Brexit on anti-money laundering laws? The UK government has yet to specify any significant changes in the AML starting from 2021. We know that
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Child Custody

Brexit and Family Law: How Has Brexit Changed Child Arrangement and Relocation?

Does your divorce have a cross-border element in it? The implications of Brexit on family law have increased uncertainty associated with relevant legal proceedings. The situation can become more complex
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