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AM International Solicitors–Domestic & International Law Firm

Our international law firm acts as your legal advocates and counsellors on a range of legal services.

Located at the heart of London & Warsaw, we serve as dependable advocates and legal advisors for clients across sectors and backgrounds. Our dual headquarters serve as a bridge between Britain and Europe, functioning as a haven for clients who operate global businesses or plan to immigrate there.

The world is always changing, and so are we.

We are a boutique international law firm with expertise in commercial, corporate, immigration and dispute resolution in family law and other specialist sectors. Our competitive prices signify the value of our knowledge in niche sectors of international law. These include extradition law, EU and international law, private immigration, etc.

Our international solicitors are always ready to rethink and re-strategize. We are here to uncover legal ideas that hold significance in your business world and private lives.  Our goal is to redefine and reconstruct international law.

As a responsible international solicitor in the UK, we offer clients a unique skill set and legal service. Our qualities include an unwavering commitment to you, exceptional value, and superior representation making us one of the best solicitors in London. Our specialists are ready to compete against top international law firms and international dispute practices. With our successful track record, you can seek assurance that you are in safe hands.

With our influential advice, you can negotiate high-earning deals, settle crucial disputes, and disengage from allegations. All it takes is the right solicitor services to sway the final verdict and cultivate new business opportunities.

The core areas of our expertise include:

Are you or your business facing bankruptcy? Get practical legal advice to safeguard your rights and recover your losses.

Business setups are complicated when you are setting up on international soil. Hire us to seek legal guidance and adhere to regulatory compliance laws.

Our international solicitors also handle commercial and civil litigation cases that feature negligence claims breach of contract, financial disputes, etc.

The law states that you are ‘innocent until proven guilty’. We provide you with the right representation and legal aid to prove your innocence.

We are well versed in legal regulations and differences between EU and international law. Our international solicitors will ensure that your actions and business operations oblige to laws across multiple jurisdictions.

Extradition procedures are complex and tedious. We offer support while filing an appeal against the extradition.

Whether you require assistance with divorce, parental custody or division of assets, we are here to help. We will ensure that you receive everything that is rightfully and lawfully yours.

Estate planning and wills are a reason for conflict for many families. Our lawyers support bereaving families to prevent any alleged claims from relinquishing power from the rightful owner (s).

What Makes Us Different?

Professional & Practical

Our international solicitors provide professional and practical advice in boardrooms, courtrooms, & beyond.

Success Rate

We strive to win both international and domestic cases whether we are negotiating inside the court or outside it.

Premium Legal Services

We cover a lot of groundwork by offering a full range of legal services to private & public corporations that operate in the UK and abroad. We also represent private clients in other sectors of law.

Competitive Fees

Our strategic pricing scheme ensures that you get your money’s worth in the end. It ensures that individuals, businesses, non-profit organisations and governments have access to top calibre, cost-effective legal services.

Strong Language & Communication Skills

Our multilingual team of international solicitors is fluent in English, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and other languages

Fast & Reliable Legal Service

We are resourceful, tenacious, and persistent. You can rely on us to resolve critical issues and optimise results in record time.

Feedback & Views

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

As international solicitors, we touched many lives and transformed many businesses. Catch a glimpse of their legal journey in their words.

I wholeheartedly thank my Patron Mrs. Anna Matelskafor help and legal protection in my difficult case.Mrs Anna, as my official defender in front of the Crown Court in London, helped me to avoid the severe penalty of at least 4 years in prison, which is given for in a similar cases in which I got involved.Thanks to Mrs. Anna I am free. I am glad to recommend Mrs. Anna Matelska as an attorney-at-law to anyone who needs a good lawyer in an English court.
Danuta J.
To all those looking for reliable, professional and honest legal assistance, I recommend the services of Mrs. Anna Matelska with a pure heart. Readiness to act, punctuality, constant telephone and e-mail contact, reliable presentation of the case and many years of experience as well as cooperation with the best barristers are an advantage thanks to which such a difficult and long case has been won. We rubbed the UKBiA's nose together and I can now enjoy the freedom with my family for which I sincerely thank you again.
Rafał L.
I fully recommend Ms Anna Matelska as a competent, reliable and responsible person, and I can recommend her with full responsibility as an excellent attorney. In my case, Ms Anna Matelska reacted quickly and effectively already at the stage of the police interrogation, efficiently helping to prove my innocence and thus protecting me from long-term imprisonment in England. I am very grateful for her help.
Sebastian W.

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Get an overview of the business and international law, and tune into headlines that are changing the world, as we know it.

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AM International Solicitors

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