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About Us​

Our Team

Diligent, Reliable, and Knowledgeable – We are your legal navigators

AM International Solicitors is a boutique international law firm that operates both in the UK and EU. Our headquarters are situated in London and Warsaw. These strategic locations allow us to handle multi-judiciary cases and cater to an extensive clientele with ease.

Our international solicitors are multi-authority experts and are apt in tackling a wide range of legal services. Their sector-focused approach and personalised solutions provide significant support for clients facing grievous situations. Their international mind-set helps them broach and represent subjects that deal with everything from federal issues, political conflicts, and online disputes to cases that go beyond international borders.

Each move we make always revolves around legal matters that are critical for your growth, success, and life.

All our advocates regulated under the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Through this association, they ensure that they meet the highest standards of legal service, and all our dealings are compliant with the ethical code of conduct.

What’s more?

Our team collaborates with lawyers around the world.

Our extensive network of highly reputable lawyers allows us to offer a full range of specialise legal services within the UK and Europe. We also function as an independent international law firm, where our in-depth knowledge of the cultural differences, businesses practices, and other technicalities help us undertake high-stakes cases.

How Do We Work?

Our Process
We streamline operations by leveraging our clients’ throughout the process.

Years of experience, excellent negotiation skills, and diligence make us one of the best international law firms in the UK. We have had the opportunity to collaborate closely with foreign embassies, international institutions, multinational corporations, and private citizens throughout the world and represent them in the Higher Courts of England and Wales.

Our clients come from different backgrounds and professions. The team welcomes everyone from government officials, business tycoons to entrepreneurs and retailers. We also represent elite clients who need legal assistance to sort out inheritance, family disputes.

Despite our diverse clientele, we treat them all with the highest respect. From start to finish, our clients remain our utmost priority during the legal process. We manage to do this by supporting them with sound legal advice during testing times.

Best of all, we make sure that our foreign clients have an interpreter with them at all times. Many of our international solicitors are fluent in European languages too. It promotes effective communication and prevents language barriers from posing a threat during our meetings.

We also offer a 24/7 emergency hotline to accommodate different time zones and be in contact with clients whenever they want. 


AM International Solicitors

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