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Business Immigration Lawyers | Business Immigration Services

Are you looking for business immigration solicitors?
Please consult with our UK immigration lawyers and international solicitors to navigate through the complex immigration laws.

Business Immigration Lawyers

Why should you hire one?

Today, business immigration rules and regulations are rapidly evolving. Companies depend on seasoned legal attorneys when they are recruiting top talent from around the world. The same expertise is necessary for aspiring entrepreneurs or skilled workers who want to immigrate to or from the UK for career opportunities.

 Our qualified business immigration lawyers assist businesses by arranging documents and certificates required for the move. They also integrate legally compliant immigration strategies and company employee policies to prevent any issues.

 If you want to recruit top talent from around the world or set up businesses abroad, you should be aware of the intricacies of immigration laws.

At AMI International Solicitors, we offer a diverse range of corporate immigration services for UK-based, Polish, and international clients.

That means…

Whether you are an established firm or a start-up, we can assist you. Our legal services accommodate everyone from recruits, current employees, a corporate team, investors, executives to family members that might accompany them.

We ensure that you fill applications for the sponsorship licences and certificates of sponsorship correctly. We also assess corporate laws and make required adjustments according to your location and its jurisdiction

Areas of Services Include:

With our guidance, you (or your employees) can immigrate to different places, as per your needs. You manage to do that, quickly, efficiently, and with no legal missteps.

What We Do

Our international team of business immigration lawyers comprises of highly qualified and experienced professionals. We currently hold offices in Poland and the UK, which makes it easier for us to handle relocations and cross-border legal consultancy. Our team can optimize your application process and streamline legal paperwork for this transition.

We are equally valuable for modifying executive contracts to integrate current immigration laws. That way, all your business immigration operations will function smoothly and seamlessly.

The role of UK immigration lawyers& international solicitors includes:

We also tackle worst-case scenarios like:

Courts can impose a civil penalty against your firm due to the employment of illegal workers or unconventional practices. Through our representation, you can come out of the court unscathed.

Apart from this, handling your immediate legal needs, we can create a sound plan for the future too. It includes updating your company policies, auditing your work, and mitigating potential risks.

Our Brexit Contingency Plan

At present, immigration laws associated with Brexit are unformulated. Yet, modifications will likely happen within a year or two. The change would directly affect corporations owned by EU nationals or those that employ people from Europe.

The uncertainty of the situation can be unnerving for these individuals.

To counter that, our experts are ready to answer all queries and solve issues associated with Brexit. It includes determining the best way forward, applying for PR in the UK, and more.

Do you want to know more?

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