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Oskar Pytka - Legal Assistant

Oskar Pytka

Legal Assistant

Oskar Pytka came to the United Kingdom in 2017. After completion of Foundation Year in Law & Practice, he became an International Law Student at Coventry University. He is associated with the law firm since February 2019. As a legal assistant at our law firm in London, he gains extensive professional experience in various fields of law such as civil, criminal, family and immigration. In addition, he is a legal intern at the European Foundation of Human Rights where he broadens his knowledge in the field of human rights by facing the problems of national and ethnic minorities in Lithuania. He uses his current knowledge as a volunteer in one of the Citizens Advice, helping people with financial, legal, consumer and other problems. Because he fluently speaks Polish, he is helping Polish community on every possible occasion.

He also devotes his free time to other passions. He has been fascinated by traveling for many years, he has visited various corners of the world from an early age. In particular, he is interested in cultural events and various sports activities. In leisure time, he loves to be in the circle of close friends and family. In 2019, he obtained the title of Coventry University Law School Representative and became a member of the Law Society in England and Wales.

In the future, he would like to complete a master’s degree and become a qualified lawyer.


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