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Confiscation Proceedings & Asset Recovery

Are you in need of aconfiscation proceedings solicitor& asset recovery services? AM International Solicitors can offer early intervention. Our expertise in criminal law and civil litigation can help us protect your rights. We can also create a strategy to recover confiscated assets whenever possible.

Confiscation Proceedings & Asset Recovery

The Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2002 gives courts the authority to seize assets of alleged criminals and convicted individuals. Criminals have to hand over the asset once they received the confiscation order. The criminal acts that highlighted under this act include theft, money laundering, fraud, etc.

Recovered assets include money, shares, and property, along with assets found in offshore accounts.

In 2015, The Serious Crime Act of 2015 featured a slight amendment in the previous act. Defaulters of POCA will have to pay back the requested money with interest if they do not pay it within the designated timeline. Other penalties include an extension of the original prison sentence (10-14 years).

Often, the custodial time is longer than the punishment for the original offence. The court can also seize joint assets and family homes to enforce more pressure.

Besides this, the EU recently updated its anti-money laundering procedure. The 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5) extends the authorities right to seize assets. Not only does it cover gaps in the previous directive, but it covers advanced technologies too. These include crimes such as money laundering and terrorist activities committed using virtual financial systems (i.e. cryptocurrency).

Although this rule is relatively recent, it came into full operation on 10th January 2020. Our lawyers are well-aware of all the finer details.

At times like these, hiring a solicitor is the best option. Early interventions and timely response could mitigate financial risks. Our diligent team could use strategic techniques to lift a restraining order or injunction filed against you. You can trust them to represent you in case that deal with both traditional anti-money laundering procedures and the AMLD5. 

How Can We Help

At AM International Solicitors is a boutique international law firm. We have roped in experts from criminal law and civil law fields for cases like these. Our lawyers are experienced in complex confiscation and asset recovery cases. They also undertake cases that involve cross-border allegations, assets seized from offshore accounts, and proceedings that take place overseas.

Our confiscation and asset recovery services cover the following situations:

Overall, we offer a diverse range of legal services to relevant to this situation. We use our technical skills and in-depth investigation to search for evidence that could negate the confiscation order.

Additionally, our team goes through your financial records and conducts a valuation of assets to look for signs of foul play. The collected evidence serves as arguments against the confiscation order.

If we are successful, the investigation could help protect you from, confiscation of assets, unsupported allegations and the breach of POCA.

Why Us

We are experts in criminal defence and civil legislation

Years of experience, meticulous work, and ourresilience toundertake complex challenges make us the right option for you. We can provide legal advice and representation in cases associated with confiscation proceedings, forfeiture, freezing, forfeiture, and recovery of assets.

Being an internationally recognized firm makes it easier for us to represent you in criminal and civil courts outside the UK.

Our cooperative team of confiscation and asset recovery solicitors will guide you through the entire process. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions regarding the financial and legal implications of your case.

Are you looking for legal representation?

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