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Anna Kobylinska - Paralegal

Anna Kobylinska


In April 2019 Anna has finished her studies at Warsaw’s University’s Faculty of Law. In September 2019 she successfully passed her entry exam to start her attorney training process at the Warsaw Bar Association. Since 2020 she is a trainee attorney within The Warsaw Bar Association. She practices within our Law Firm since September 2019 when she started her career in our main office in London, which let her to develop her knowledge of the international and immigration law. She gained previous experience by participating in internships or apprenticeships within polish law firms, bailiff’s offices and courts. Owing to the fact she gained extensive knowledge regarding execution, civil and criminal proceedings, as well as a knowledge with regards to social and economic insurance. She is fluent at Polish, English and German. She used to study history of art for past 3 years, which is still her passion. In her leisure time she visits galleries of art, museums and theatres.

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