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Contractual Disputes & Debt Recovery

What do you do after a breach of contract? If you or your partner have developed a difference in interest or violated a contractual clause, you need a corporate lawyer to fix the situation

Find contract dispute attorneys and debt recovery lawyers under one roof. Our multidisciplinary team cam leads the way when you face the scrutiny of national and international solicitors around the world.

Contractual Disputes & Debt Recovery
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Contractual disputes are a result of miscommunication, assumptions, and at times ulterior motives. We use our expertise to resolve complex cases and ensure that your debts are paid in due time.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a small start-up, operate a medium-sized office, or a multinational company, we are here to help. Let our experts take over the case while you focus on other areas of your business. 

At AM International Solicitors, clients receive proper legal representation while resolving contractual disputes. It includes defending a claim filed against them or filing a claim against their business associate due to a breach of contract.

The conflict could arise because of the misinterpretation of a contract, professional negligence, or to recover outstanding debts. 

We have dealt with significant contractual disputes within the UK and in a foreign setting. Some of these cases involve multimillion-worth deals, high-stakes and partnerships.

On all accounts, our contractual dispute lawyers will be there to guide you. Our primary priority is to negotiate a deal, where the opposing party treats you fairly and justly. The second revolves around finding the quickest way to resolve the issue. 

If court action is inevitable, our seasoned attorneys will prepare a rock-solid case to represent you. Throughout the case, we will ensure that our work aligns with individual requirements and needs. 

Personalised Legal Services for Contractual Dispute and Debt Recovery

We offer a tailored solution to meet your individual needs.

AMI International Solicitors is a boutique international law firm. It covers all contractual disputes and debt recovery cases within the UK, EU, and other regions. 

The team comprises of experienced commercial legislation lawyers are well versed in different jurisdictions and know how to tackle issues regarding cross-border litigations. They will use this knowledge to create an effective strategy to accommodate your needs. 

Our main objectives include:

We take great pride in maintaining a pragmatic approach while preparing for the case. It includes getting a detailed brief from you during our initial consultation. We then assess the contract and debt collection details from a legal perspective. That way, all areas of concern are covered, and you have a better chance of winning the case.

Legal Advice: For the most part, you can avoid contractual conflicts by seeking legal advice from the get-go. That way, you and your associates will read and agree to the terms and conditions of the contract without any contradiction. 

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