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Business Defence

Hire business crime and investigation lawyers to protect your rights and keep your reputation intact

Business Defence Lawyers

What We Do

Business crime investigations–internal or external–can have a drastic impact on your finances and market value. It also affects your reputation, which could lead to boycotts and bans if you are not careful.

Local and international regulatory authorities often collaborate to monitor multinational corporations. They record any form of misconduct on the matter of corporate fraud, VAT, money laundering, etc.

Due to this, you must consult a well-established international law firm like ours. Our boutique international law firm specialises in specific corporate law cases. Choosing us would maximise your chances of receiving a better negotiation deal.

As international law experts and business defence solicitors, we operate across the UK, European regions, and some specific areas in Asia. We pride ourselves on providing a full range of corporate defence services. These include money laundering, POCA, VAT fraud, and many allegations that can cause compliance issues.

Our team of business crime solicitorsare highly knowledgeable in various areas of corporate crime. They use their expertise to formulate a multi-jurisdictional that safeguards your financial and legal rights. This multi-disciplinary approach ensures that we cover all critical areas and provide you with the best legal advice possible.

Corporate Defence Services

No case is too big or too small for our business defence lawyers. We treat each case with great care and respect, ensuring that the results are in your favour.

Here is a closer look at what we offer.

Corporate Fraud

Fraud allegations can tarnish your business reputation if you don’t come up with a counteractive strategy. Our defence lawyers can assist you during internal and external investigations.

Our global team has undertaken many complex and challenging corporate fraud cases. Many of which dealt with cross border investigations. We managed to clear our clients’ names by providing practical and effective legal advice.

The team also collaborates with various agencies to find substantial evidence against the allegations. Then use it to reinstate the clients’ reputation in the market.

Proceeds of Crime Act Proceedings

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) provides law enforcement agencies such as the police officials the authority to confiscate money and financial assets acquired during a crime. We provide clients with a comprehensive overview of the implications of POCA and risks. After which, we create a proactive strategy to minimise the damages.

Our business defence lawyers will represent clients in both cross border and local investigations.

Money Laundering

Money laundering allegations can create a scandal in the business world. Investors and associates can blacklist the company accused of committing.  It can hinder ongoing and future operations, inevitably causing the company to face a financial crisis.

Besides this, the POCA 2002 features a set of money laundering offences, which includes the involvement of the police and other law enforcement agencies (namely SFO, HMRC, and the FCA).  Overseas assets and business transactions will also be affected during the proceeding.

We also handle cases that fall under the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5). This latest legal framework extends the authorities right to seize assets by including online and virtual financial systems. Thereby, making it easier for the EU legal systems to confiscate virtual assets (i.e. cryptocurrency) that are linked with money laundering and terrorist funding activities.

AM International Solicitors can assist corporations during these investigations. Our dedicated team can work across legislations and jurisdictions to ensure that you receive proper legal representation.

VAT Offences

The Value Added Tax Act 1994 (VATA), condemns submission of falsified information under section 72(3). It also prohibits tax evasion activities committed over a designated period under section 72(8). These days, banks and finance agencies conduct thorough research and investigation before granting loans, opening accounts, and transferring assets. They are required to detect and report the slightest discrepancy related to tax evasion.

Luckily, our expertise lies in cross-border investigations and applying quick precautionary measures to safeguard your company.

Our business defence lawyers are discreet and reliable. They have experience in dealing with high profile case and know how to overturn the issue before things escalate. Early legal interventions are advisable in these cases.

Regulatory Investigations

Multinational companies and local businesses that operate globally through trade or have branches overseas are always under scrutiny by regulatory officers. It is essential for you to stay updated and act in compliance with regulatory regulations.

Whether you are facing a regulatory action or suspect compliancy threat within the organisation, we can help. Our superior research skills, global presence, and extensive expertise within the field make us the right choice for legal consultation. We often opt for early settlements to prevent these allegations from becoming a part of your permanent record.

Through it, we will conduct systematic regulatory investigations across multiple jurisdictions, both local and foreign. We will also help you tackle financial and reputational challenges that come your way during the case.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We offer tailored business defence services to support our clients

Our team of business crime and investigation lawyers has an in-depth understanding of corporate law and compliance act. We work closely with high profile businesses and individual clients during the proceedings. Throughout the process, we wish to prevent, identify, and resolve business crime activities and mitigate potential risks. We also prioritise your interests over all other variables to produce desired outcomes.

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