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Immigration Law

Do you need an immigration lawyer? If you plan to visit, work, or seek citizenship in the UK, our international solicitors can streamline the process

UK Immigration Lawyers

What can we do for you?

At AM International Solicitors, we have an exceptional in-house team of solicitors who specialise in immigration law in London. We can offer a variety of immigration services, including proofing applications for citizenship or asylum.

Our team of immigration lawyers regularly represent individuals and organisations, guiding them on all legal aspects of immigration law. It includes scenarios where a multidisciplinary approach is deemed suitable. It generally occurs when criminal misdemeanours, employment issues, or family immigration laws affect the client’s immigration status.

Over the years, we have resolved many complicated and high-profile cases. immigration advice service offers extensive expertise in handling legal procedures and offers actionable advice. They serve as your legal representative for relocations and request to gain British citizenship. We also cover cases where there is a cross over between English law and EU law.

Overall, you can trust them to stay with you from start to finish. Throughout the process, we will maximise benefits and minimise risks. That way, you have a higher chance of getting your applications approved.

Our Immigration Law Services

We offer a wide range of services

Appeal & Judicial Review          


Was your visa application denied?

There are multiple ways to resolve this situation.

They include:

Administrative Review

The Home Office and the British Embassy might reject your applications based on different reasons. As your solicitors, we can challenge this action and request them to reconsider the application.

After submitting the request, an official will review the application and change decisions if they detect errors.

Administrative Review

The UK immigration laws only grant the right of appeal to cases concerning human rights, asylum, or deportation. These cases are supervised by the First-Tier Tribunal court.

Appeals are slightly different from reviews. They are much more complicated. You will need proper evidence to support these arguments, including witness statements. If the judge dismisses yourappeal, you can go to Upper Tribunal (if you are authorised to do so). Otherwise, you may go to the Court of Appeal or Supreme Court.

These procedures are slightly modified when we consider your location. For instance, appeals from outside the country might take longer compared to those submitted within the UK.

Judicial Review and Injunctions

When the Home Office dismisses a visa application, we use alternative means to get the application approved. 

However, if there is no alternative remedy available, we may challenge the decision via a judicial review. Your application is then reviewed again according to the main categories. We can challenge the previous decision by proving that it was either irrational, unreasonable, or unlawful.

British Citizenship

Children born in the UK receive citizenship by default. Others need to go through different legal procedures to gain their citizenship. Many rules and conditions apply to specific circumstances.

Our dedicated immigration lawyers can help you navigate these pathways.

Here are a few immigration law services we provide our clients:


Naturalisation allows you to change your nationality after going through a legal procedure. With an attorney’s help, you can streamline the naturalisation process. Your immigration lawyer can help you file the applications correctly and train you for the interview to ensure that your appeal is not dismissed. You can also seek legal representation to defend your rights to become a British citizen in case there are legal matters you need to resolve.

Are you eligible to become a British citizen? Check guidelines here.

Administrative Removal or Deportation

You might need legal representation if you receive a notice for administrative removal or deportation. Removal occurs when individuals break the immigration code of conduct. That means you have either overstayed your visit or got employment without permission. Alternatively, your visa extension could be denied, leading to removal.

On the other hand, deportation happens when foreign nationals who have recently completed their prison sentence. This type of removal is done for the ‘public good’ to ensure their safety and prevent you from returning to your criminal activity. 

As immigration specialists, we can assist you through early intervention. That way, you will be less likely to receive detention and we could appeal to the government to extend your stay (or apply for an outcome that suits your immigration goals). Also, our expertise in international law and EU-based representation allows us to represent both EEA nationals and non-EEA nationals even though they face different challenges.

Entry Clearance

Entry clearance is a test that applicants take before coming to the UK. Applicants that clear the test go through the next phase of immigrations. Low scores require you to retake the test.

Without it, applicants are deemed it unfit for permanent residency.

Family Unification

Family unification laws are beneficial for migrants who have family members in the UK. These members are usually spouses or children who are already British citizens.  Our immigration lawyers work with both EU and non-EU families.

We can reunite families and optimise the legal process. That way, the dependent’s application has a higherchance of getting approved for citizenship.


Immigration bail is a legal process accessible to immigrants who are detained by the Home Office after they have been in the UK for seven days. While the duration of detention in the UK is indefinite, you can be released on bail.

There are two ways to apply for immigration bail. The first one requires you to submit an official form addressed to the Secretary of State. The other is to hire an immigration lawyer and apply for a first-tier Tribunal Bail.

We can help you with the latter by offering you the best representation possible in front of the Tribunal Judge. Once approved, you will be released from detention and reside in the UK (until the Home Office finalises your appeal, review or removal from the country). Often, detainees are required to follow certain conditions when they are bailed. This includes work restrictions, designated residence, and scheduled appearance at the police station/immigration reporting centre.

What is your bail application is dismissed?

We can take the alternative route by applying to the High Court for a judicial review. The authorities can then review of the Home Office’s decision to detain you. We challenge this decision by proving that the verdict was made on unwarranted grounds. With a proper argument, you will receive your bail.

European (EEA) Law

At present the European Law is still under scrutiny due to possible changes post-Brexit. European nationals who plan to apply for immigration might have to take a different pathway. The changes in the point system will most certainly influence the EEA law.

Therefore, if you must consult an immigration lawyer beforehand for proper consultation. We can help you navigate through the new rules and regulations. Our legal services can also accommodate any special legal representation required to get your applications approved.

Asylum & Human Rights Claims

The UK opens its doors to refugees and immigrants who fled their country in order to protect themselves from torment and torture. Or, they might be unable to return due to a crisis. Majority of the time, this is due to religious differences, racial discrimination, political views, or affiliation with a targeted group. Human trafficking victims, refugees with severe mental health problems, orphans, can also apply for legal aid and asylum.

AM International Solicitors has hired a team of immigration specialists who have experience in dealing with such critical cases. Our 24/7 hotline service allows you to seek help whenever you want. Once we hear your plea, we will quickly appoint the right representative for the case. Your solicitor will help you fill relevant applications and composes a letter of representation paper to file your claim.

We take pride in working with international embassies and otherbureaucratic organisations that could support your cause. Our team deals with your sensitive cases with utmost compassion, urgency, and efficiency.

Human Rights &Article 8 Claims

Oftentimes asylum cases are associated with human rights violations.

We use the European Convention on Human Rights to use UK residency as a refuge for you (and your family). We do this by making sure that you have tangible proof and sound witnesses to support your claims.

Clients who benefit from asylum can also use Article 8 Claim for further protection. It safeguards their rights to lead a private life without government interference.

Point Based System

The points-based immigration system assigns points for individual skills, salary packages, and qualifications. The government might offer extra points for niche occupations.

Applicants with sufficient points are likely to get their Visas approved.

How Will Immigration Law Change Post-Brexit?

1 January 2021, marks the end of free movement. The government plans to introduce a new and improved UK’s points-based system. The new regulation offers equal opportunities to non-EU and EU applicants. It is to recruit top talent from around the world and boost their economy.

We might see other changes in immigration rules next year. Thus, it is always important to hire an immigration lawyer before you send your applications.

Are you planning to move to the UK? 

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