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Commercial Litigation & Disputes

Resolve commercial litigation and disputes faster and better with the right lawyers.

Commercial Litigation & Dispute Services

Commercial litigations and disputes are a common occurrence in the business world. They require immediate legal action to mitigate financial risks for you and your business. Aside from being costly, they are tedious and time-consuming too.

It’s practical to hire commercial litigation solicitors who have experience in this field.

At AM International Solicitors, we have extensive experience in settling commercial and litigation disputes. We handle everything from contractual disputes, antitrust litigation, fraud, employment disputes to intellectual property disputes.

Additionally, our team operates across different industries and sectors, barring in mind that each setting presents individual challenges. 

Our experts will tailor their services according to your unique needs. We also aim to create negotiation strategies that assess the commercial implication of lawsuits. We consider all this and more when we deal with international clients. 

Therefore, whether you need to file a claim against someone or defend your business against a commercial dispute claim, we can help you. Our leading team of commercial litigation solicitors will fight for your best interests despite the complexity of the case. 

Our Process

Personalised services to maximise profits and minimise risks.

As a boutique international law firm, our commercial litigation team specializes in different aspects of corporate law. We also represent our clients internationally if the situation demands it.

Our company accepts cases from private sector businesses, independent traders, public sectors and family businesses, and NGOs too. You can rely on our expertise to safeguard your rights–inside and outside the court–when you are caught in a dispute.

We have a customer-centric approach to the dispute. Each step is measured and logical to prevent any negative consequences. Our team diligently prepares the necessary paperwork and evidence-backed arguments. That said, we understand the fickle nature of these legal proceedings.

Therefore, we develop an alternative plan and are happy to adapt if it serves your best interests. Throughout the case, we strive to prioritize long-term gains, profits, and your valuable time.

Due to this, we recommend Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), mediation, and arbitration whenever possible. We generally settle these negotiations outside the court.

Our Services

Here is a breakdown of our commercial litigation & dispute services:

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – Mediation Arbitration Negotiation

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a substitute for conventional court settlements. Attorneys use different methods to sign a settlement outside the court. This way, we resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

There are also lesser time delays when the involved participants finalize decisions outside the court.  

Common types of ADR include:

1. Negotiation 

Negotiations are the easiest method to resolve commercial disputes. Both parties meet together twice or more to figure out a way to resolve the issue. It’s beneficial for companies who want control over the final solution.  

2. Mediation 

Mediation requires the involvement of a licensed mediator. Here the legal representatives (i.e. commercial litigation and dispute lawyers) bring their arguments forward. The appointed mediator makes the final decision.

Think of it as a makeshift courtroom where the mediator functions as the judge, though these decisions are non-binding.

3. Arbitration 

Compared to other types of ADR, arbitration is a more formal way to strike an out-of-court agreement. Parties appoint an arbitrator to base their decision on pieces of evidence and statements submitted by both parties. After that, the arbitrator evaluates the situation before forming a conclusive decision. 

Contract Insolvency and Liquidation

Insolvency disputes and liquidation might happen when one company owes its associates money. In insolvency cases, debtors sell off their assets and business to return outstanding loans.

In liquidation, the entire company is shutdown. More often than not, both parties recover little or nothing. That is why we consider it as a last resort.

Shareholders and Partnership Disputes

Shareholder and partnership disputes happen when one party feels slighted by the other. It might be because of difference in interest, a shift in business focus, or unjust use of company funds.

After a series of unwanted actions, the minority party/partner might file a claim against their associate. The grounds of which is usually a contract breach.

In such cases, our commercial litigation lawyers formulate a plan that backs the client’s claims. Our main objective is to come out of the lawsuit with a profitable and desirable outcome. We try our best to justify the decisions of our clients and ensure that the opposition doesn’t misrepresent their opinions.


Breach of contract, regular employee disputes, business fraud, and many other contractual issues can lead to disputes. We offer a thorough assessment of the situation to develop a strategy that aligns with your goals.

It is crucial to find evidence and tangible proof to support the clients’ arguments. It is why we perform a proper investigation before devising a plan.

With years of experience, our commercial litigation lawyers know how to resolve complex disputes without jeopardizing the client. We handle these disputes either during the trial or via ADR. 


Injunctions are warnings sanctioned by the court. It is an order for the opposing party to stop a specific action. This action usually places the clients at a disadvantage. It could be anything from selling off assets, spreading rumours, or using other means to harm them.

We take this power move to ensure that both parties are at an even ground. It also indicates that you will not back out without a fight. Sometimes, displaying this determination and steadfastness ensures that you receive what is rightfully yours when the dispute ends.

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