What Can Immigration Solicitors in the UK Help You With?

Immigration solicitors in the UK

The role of an immigration attorney is relatively distinct when compared to lawyers in other categories of law. Immigration solicitors in the UK can help you proactively and reactively by facilitating you in putting together applications for your entry and stay in the country.

Let’s explore the role and services of an immigration lawyer in the UK!

Who Are Immigration Solicitors in the UK?

An immigration attorney or solicitor is a legally qualified individual whom you can hire to help you with your immigration case. You can also call them your advisor or caseworker. Immigration law is inarguably a complex field of law, and you need an immigration lawyer in your corner to help you with your case. They can give you pertinent legal advice, guide your practical actions, help you assemble evidence, write your applications, and more. For instance, an immigration solicitor can ensure you have the correct visa to enter the UK.

Services of an Immigration Solicitor

There are several areas of immigration law your attorney can provide advice to and represent you on. The services of an immigration solicitor include working with you on visa extensions and applications, asylum seeker applications, and more. If you happen to be an asylum seeker, an immigration lawyer can receive public funding for your case. They can also come to visit you when you are detained and speak about your case.

An immigration lawyer can help people with British nationality, work visas for the UK, student visas for studying in the country, and more. They can help you file applications for indefinite leave to remain in the country, sponsor licences for businesses that want to employ foreigners, and acquire family or partner visas for your relatives and partners coming to the UK.

Since immigration cases can be quite complex with changing immigration laws, your attorney will first offer you initial advisory sessions to understand your circumstances. They will not down the facts of your case and provide you with the way forward. They might ask for your personal details, immigration history, income and work-related documents, and more.

How will an Immigration Lawyer Help You?

An immigration lawyer will help you interpret immigration law and make it accessible for you so that it’s easier for you to meet the requirements of your visa application and other relevant cases. They will advise you on the documents and related evidence you will need to assemble to increase your chances of approval. They will also review your application and polish it, so it does not have missing evidence or small errors.

Moreover, if your application gets rejected unfairly, your lawyer can lodge an appeal against the decision. They can investigate why your application was rejected and guide you on how to proceed with your case. Just make sure to work with a professionally accredited immigration solicitor in the UK.

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner regulates all immigration advisors, and your adviser should have OISC accreditation. This way, you can ensure you are getting the best legal advice from a competent immigration solicitor.