What Do Extradition Defence Solicitors Do?

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When an individual is accused or convicted of a crime in a foreign state that happens to have an Extradition Agreement with the UK, then that state can request that individual’s extradition from the country. The only way to fight such orders is through extradition attorneys.

Even in instances when a country does not have an established Extradition Agreement with the UK, they can draft special arrangements to ensure that individual’s removal from the UK. Being involved in an extradition request can be a significantly distressing experience since the requested individual is rarely provided with a notice of arrest at another country’s request. It’s when you can benefit from seasoned extradition solicitors’ services.

Let’s explore how an extradition solicitor can help you.

What Do Extradition Attorneys Do?

If you fear that you will be arrested under international law, such as the European Arrest Warrant, while residing in the UK, you should contact seasoned extradition defence solicitors. Since extradition is a technical law niche, you will need specialist attorneys to advance your case in a direction favourable to you and assist you throughout the often tedious process.

An extradition attorney is required to defend people arrested under a warrant and assess the strengths and weaknesses of their extradition request to prepare their case. They have well-established international contacts who can offer them further assistance when required. Experienced extradition attorneys deal with minor and serious allegations.

Extradition Solicitors’ Services

Here are the different aspects of extradition an experienced attorney can help you with:

  • Giving you advice before your extradition proceedings, going over Interpol Red Notice challenges, and more
  • Negotiating with the authorities to avoid extradition proceedings in their entirety
  • Coordinating with your extradition attorney team when needed, especially if your extradition request is politically backed
  • Advising you on voluntary surrender, police representations, and bail packages before eventual arrest
  • Challenging the extradition request in the court of law
  • Offering advice on all legal developments in the case
  • Assisting with all foreseen and unforeseen challenges of the extradition request
  • Utilising existing database and access to overseas contacts to attain expert reports in challenging the request
  • Facilitating a favourable compromise when required
  • Representing appellants in extradition appeals when required

The job of qualified extradition attorneys is to ensure that you can rely on comprehensive legal advice and support to prepare for your extradition case and challenge the request with the help of expert evidence and legal representation. Regardless of the origin of the extradition request, an experienced extradition solicitor will understand that request and the requirements of that country and help you navigate their consequences on you and your family.

The Bottom Line

Since facing extradition can be an overwhelming process, you must act proactively and hire the finest extradition attorneys to fight your case, offer you a fair trial, and provide sound advice and services to handle the technical, human rights, and statutory challenges involved in the case.