Who Are Deportation Lawyers, and How Can They Help You?

Deportation lawyers

If you are not a British citizen and the court sentences you to more than 12 months of imprisonment or you find yourself committing a deportation-worthy crime, the UK government will make the efforts to deport you.

However, you will have the right to work with deportation lawyers to appeal such a decision, present any arguments you might have against your deportation, and more. Deportation appeal arguments are rooted in the person’s ties to the UK and will usually be based on their family, long time of residence, etc.

Let’s explore who deportation lawyers are and how they can help you!

Who Are Deportation Lawyers?

Deportation lawyers are qualified attorneys who have experience in deportation appeal cases and related cases. They can help you appeal your deportation and help you stay in the UK by presenting suitable arguments rooted in proof.

Deportation immigration attorneys can help you present all your arguments to the Home Office before the UK government makes the decision to deport you. Moreover, your lawyer will also present your arguments to the tribunal, where your appeal against deportation will be heard.

How Can a Deportation Lawyer Help You?

A deportation lawyer will give you initial advice on where you stand and guide you on the related law and process involved in your case. They will also take detailed statements from you, your loved ones, and witnesses that might add value to your case.

Your deportation attorney will obtain any evidence and files from the court or your previous attorney. They will identify and gain evidence of points of mitigation for offending behaviour and collect evidence related to rehabilitation.

Your deportation lawyer will attend your preliminary hearings, prepare bundles for court, prepare your legal argument, and represent your case at court. They will also give you pertinent advice on the judge’s decision and guide you on whether you should appeal again if the initial result is not favourable.

Do You Need a Deportation Appeal Lawyer?

The real question is, do you need a deportation appeal lawyer, or can you do without one? Can you appeal your deportation without the expertise of an immigration attorney? While it’s certainly not impossible to prepare your appeal and go through the process without the help of a deportation lawyer, it’s undoubtedly more useful to have that qualified assistance.

Deportation lawyers are aware of the nuances of deportation cases, and they can help you identify key problems in your case and give you qualified advice, assistance, and evidence in relation to those problems.

With a seasoned deportation appeal lawyer in your corner, you will stand a better chance of your appeal resulting in success. So, even if you are unsure whether you should hire a lawyer or not, always speak to one and ask for a one-off consultation in which they can assess the merits of your case, highlight the issues, offer ideas on appeal presentation, and more.