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Anna Matelska – Principal & Managing Director

Anna Matelska

Principal & Managing Director

Languages: English & Polish

Anna Matelska manages our team of international solicitors with her expertise and strong leadership skills. She is currently involved in many leading cases under the English Law, besides supervising operations in her boutique law firm.

She is a qualified solicitor-advocate who works under the British and Polish jurisdictional system. She works at an intersection of European and English law. This position allows her to acquire a significant insight into the different disciplines of law.

As a lawyer, she sets an excellent example in the courtroom for her subordinates and colleagues. She knows how to win cases through sheer dedication, ethical conduct, and diligence.

After completing her Master’s degree in Poland’s top universities, she moved to the US for advanced studies. She also received a diploma in a leading law school in London before starting her professional career in England (in 2008).

Her first official job started in 1998. Back then, she was an apprentice at a district court in Poland. Years later, she began collaborating with Polish government agencies. One of her duties included the amendment of Polish law. During the EU accession, she had to make relevant changes to conform to the rules and regulations approved by the new government and international relations. She follows similar practices and techniques to create legal frameworks to safeguard the rights of her business clients.

Over the years, Anna played an active role in multiple legal cases across England, Europe, and Poland. She is associated with high profile cases, popular within the international law circle, and business networks.  Her legal services include defending wrongful allegations for committing fraud, white-collar crimes, and theft. She also deals with family, business, and litigation disputes that frequently involve multiple parties affiliated with different jurisdictions. She also handleshigh-stakes cases that deal with millions-worth assets. Her resourcefulness and quick thinking allow her to respond to urgent cases and that the High Court needs to address. She also assisted in securing and seizing substantial valued assets.

On the international front, she is familiar with legislation and case law surrounding cross-territory disputes. It is primarily pursuant to the 1980 Hague Convention, Brussels II Revised regulations, the UK-Pakistan Judicial Protocol, and theUnited Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child(UNCRC).It is in association with international family disputes regarding separation, divorce, and division of financial assets.

Occasionally, she collaborates with leading barristers. One of her most memorable experiences includes the teamwork required to develop assertive arguments regarding the Extradition Act 2003. She also represents clients at the Police Stations, different levels of court, ranging from the MagistratesCourtto the Supreme Court.

She also represents corporate and business clients during various conflicts over intellectual property, negotiations, financialdisputes, etc. Her work also revolves around civil and commercial litigation cases.

Additionally, as a leader of multidisciplinary practice, she acts as a duty solicitor and crime supervisor. She represents clients during their interviews before the consul. These are generally conducted in diplomatic institutions such as embassies.

Moreover, Anna has secured a coveted spot in a list of attorneys used at the British, Polish, and Russian embassies in London and Warsaw.  She collaborates with NGOs and other law firms in the UK, Poland, Europe, Russia, and the USA while representing international clients.

Lastly, Anna is affiliated with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and is an active member and an attorney-at-law of the Warsaw Bar Council (ORA).

The combination of her decades of experience, ongoing practice, and professionalism set her apart from others. She is a force to be reckoned with and a reliable attorney who takes the necessary measures to protect her clients.

Education, Training, & Credentials

  • Member of the Law Society
  • Solicitor-Advocate with Higher rights of audience  (SRA)
  • Duty Solicitor – Member of Law Society’s Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme
  • Attorney-at-Law – Member of the Warsaw Bar Council (ORA)
  • Legal Practice Course,  BPP Law School, London
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Law, BPP Law School, London
  • Postgraduate degree in Psychology and Resocialisation, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
  • Master of laws (LLM), Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland
  • Master of Public Administration, University of Szczecin, Poland

Notable Cases:

Cosar v HMP Wandsworth and others [2020] EWHC 1142 (Admin) acting on pro bono basis for two Wandsworth prisoners from Poland and Romania in an important test case in the High Court on 22 April about coronavirus and extradition.

The two men should have been extradited in February or March 2020 but they remain detained in Wandsworth Prison, where reports say there have been cases of conoravirus. They have not been told why. It was argued that the prisoners should be released because the whole scheme of extradition relies on tight timetables rather than indefinite confinement and because administrative detention without open court process is forbidden by the common law and the European Convention on Human Rights. The Administrative Court held that delays in extradition proceedings caused by COVID-19 did not amount to unlawful detention and so dismissed applications for habeas corpus and, in the alternative, judicial review.The court held that the travel restrictions imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic satisfied the conditions in Article 23(3) and (4) of the Extradition Act 2003.

Secretary of State for the Home Department v PF (Nigeria) [2019] EWCA Civ 1139 acting for a Nigerian father “PF”, who was suffering from sickle cell disease (“SCD”) from birth but who was a “foreign criminal”, the Court of Appeal has allowed the Home Office’s appeal against the earlier finding of the Upper Tribunal that his deportation from the UK would breach his rights under both article 3 and article 8 of the ECHR


Regina v Dreszer [2018] EWCA Crim 454 (14 March 2018) representing the Defendant in his all three trials held at Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) in a four-handed kidnapping, false imprisonment and murder of a fellow drug-dealer.The core submission of defence was that there was a misdirection in relation to the approach to the appellant as a secondary party in the light of the Supreme Court’s decision in Jogee. The conviction for murder was quashed by the Court of Appeal twice and the Court re-ordered his re-trial on the allegation of murder with the indictment containing an alternative count of a manslaughter.


Wojcik v Poland CO/2181/2014High Court discharged on the basis of the delay in issuing the EAW especially as nearly 3 years delay was caused by the NCA failing to realise that the Appellant lived in the UK despite a caution dating from 8 years previously.

R v Krezolek [2013]acting for the Defendant in the notorious murder trial of the stepfather of Daniel Pelka, the 4 ½ year old boy who died as a result of a blow to the head.


Stopyra v District Court of Lublin, Poland [2013] 1 All ER 18, DCrepresenting the Appellant where the Divisional Court held that delays in the grant of legal aid which are not the fault of the requested person or his legal advisorscannot be held against the requested person


Majchrzak v Public Prosecutor Netherlands CO/8383/2012acting for the Appellant who was extradited to Holland despite his unlawful arrest and detention in the UK. It was always maintained that there was no evidence upon which to found a prosecution for murder in the UK and that he was an innocent man. After 10 months in prison in the UK and 12 months in prison in Holland Mr Majchrzak was released unconditionally by the Dutch courts because of the lack of evidence linking him with the alleged murder.


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