If you are going through a divorce with children involved, you should know what a Child Arrangement Order in the UK is. A Child Arrangement Order is a court order that provides details about a child’s living arrangements. It is a legally binding document, so failing to follow its details will result in legal repercussions. With that said, this article will highlight crucial details about this order so that you can manage your child’s custody during a divorce.

A Child Arrangement Order in the UK

The first thing that you should know about a Child Arrangement Order in the UK is not only applicable during a divorce. It can be applied by any person who has parental responsibility for a child. Such people include biological parents, guardians, relatives, step-parents, and so on. That said, it is most commonly used when a child’s biological parents are undergoing a divorce and want to settle the child’s living arrangements in a court of law. Also, those who are not guardians may have to apply for legal permission to be able to file for this order.

The Various Conditions Detailed in this Order

This order provides details beyond the child’s living arrangements. Thus, in the case of the parents, it mentions in whose care (or home) the child will be in, whether the child will get to spend time with or be able to contact the other parent. There may be certain conditions in place for when the child spends time with the parent who doesn’t have custody of the child. Those conditions must be met to prevent any law-breaking.

It also mentions if the child is allowed to stay with the other parent temporarily. The types of contact outside of temporary visits are also detailed. These types of contact include phone calls, emails, texts, etc. In addition to that, a Child Arrangement Order also provides when the child can or cannot have contact with a specific parent.

Typically, a Child Arrangement Order is made to prioritise the child’s needs. Thus, they may be able to receive care and love from both parents. However, if there under potential threat from a specific parent, then they will be unable to be in contact with said parent.

Last Few Words

It’s always essential to have a solicitor when filing for a Child Arrangement Order in the UK. As a complex legally-binding document, it is crucial to get everything done perfectly when preparing the letter. The court also considers the wants of the child, their needs, i.e., their physical, emotional, and educational needs), your ability to fulfil those needs, and how this order will affect the child. Thus, if you want the court order to be in your favour, you must be able to prove your case, and a solicitor with experience in family law can help with that.