In the wake of both Brexit and the COVID pandemic, the EU has mandated various changes in the necessary documentation and permits of UK hauliers who require access to states in the European Union. Hauliers and commercial drivers who pick up and move goods between the UK and EU must have the appropriate documentation and permits in order to perform their jobs.

This article will serve as a brief guide regarding UK Haulier documents and UK Haulier permits that are now required by all UK Hauliers in order to access EU states.

Operator Licencing

All UK hauliers who continue to transport goods internationally to the EU will continue to require the relevant operator licence. Starting 1 January 2021, hauliers with community licences will automatically be issued a replacement licence known as the ‘UK Licence for the Community.’

From 1 January 2021 onwards, all UK hauliers must carry a ‘UK Licence for the Community’ with them on board. Notably, possession of this licence alone does not guarantee UK hauliers the right to do business to, from, and within the EU.

ECMT Permits

As of 1 January 2021, UK hauliers transporting goods through or to the EU will require an ECMT permit or European Conference of Ministers Transport Permit. Notably, this permit is not required for all journeys to and through the EU.

The ECMT permit will be required for a handful of journeys, the details of which will depend on the outcome of UK-EU negotiations in the near future.

Motor Insurance Green Card

A Motor Insurance Green Card is an international certificate of motor insurance. This green card is required in the 48 countries that are part of the Green Card Scheme in the EU.

Starting 1 January 2021, UK hauliers are required to carry a Motor Insurance Green Card to drive their freight vehicles into the EU.

GB Sticker

UK Hauliers transporting goods on freight vehicles to the EU are required to display a GB sticker, ideally fixed to the rear of the vehicle and the rear of the trailer. Even if the number plates of the vehicle and trailer include the GB identifier below the EU logo, UK hauliers are still required to display a GB sticker.

Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence

The Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence, or Transport Manager CPC, is required documentation for UK hauliers who need to transport goods to or through the EU. Transport managers working for UK operators who already hold this certification do not require additional qualifications.

Notably, however, as of 1 January 2021, UK Transport Manager CPC will not be recognised as valid by EU operators.

Final Words

In a world recovering from the post-Brexit transition period, UK hauliers will need to update their documents, permits, and certifications in order to continue transporting goods to or through the EU.

For more information on the UK haulier documents required after 1 January 2021, visit the Department of Transport’s post on here.