Divorces and separations can be challenging to deal with, especially when there are children involved. If you’re a part of such circumstances, there’s a high chance you’ll need a custody lawyer. Read on to learn about three leading signs you need a custody lawyer.

You’re Being Prevented from Seeing Your Kid

One of the most alarming signs you should seek immediate support and legal advice from a custody lawyer is that you’re being prevented from having access to your child. This usually happens during complicated divorces or legal separations when parents involve children in their own matters.

Many ex-partners don’t let their kids meet the other parent, affecting the child’s health and well-being in the process. If your ex-partner is doing the same, it’s time to hire a custody lawyer.

Your Child Might be in Danger

Sometimes partners decide to resolve a custody issue on their own and let one partner have the child’s custody. However, there are times when the other partner is often concerned about their child’s safety due to their ex-partner’s previous record of negligence or irresponsible behaviour.

If you think your child isn’t safe and isn’t being provided with everything they need to lead a fruitful life, you can benefit from the support of a custody lawyer. They’ll provide you with all the options available to you, helping you win your case eventually.

You Need Visitation Rights

Custody lawyers don’t only help parents get their child’s custody, but they also do everything possible to provide them with their visitation rights.

As a result, a parent who doesn’t get their child’s custody still gets to see their child for a few hours every week or month under an officer’s supervision. This helps the child build a relationship with both their parents without being affected by their relationship.

holding a child’s hand

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