If you are a British citizen or are currently living in the UK and wish to bring your spouse, partner or children into the country, or if you are a European citizen and wish to secure your right to stay in the UK, then you will need to go through the UK Visa application process or the process of obtaining an EU Settlement Scheme permit.

Immigration to the UK post-Brexit can be a complicated process, during which you may face several problems. Let’s look at some issues you may come across during the immigration process that can cause delays in the processing or lead to the refusal of your UK visa application and how to avoid them.

Not Meeting Sponsor Financial Requirements

Not meeting the Home Office Financial Requirements or not providing sufficient financial supporting documentation is an issue people often face. If you are sponsoring a spouse, partner, or child to get their UK Visa and do not meet the financial requirements a sponsor needs to have, then it is likely that the Visa application will be rejected. It is important that you start to collect documentation methodically and with enough time before they are due to be submitted. Acquiring financial documents, whether from the bank or your place of employment, can take some time, and it is better not to leave this till the last minute. You may want to get the help of an immigration advice service for this.

Not Meeting Sponsor Accommodation Requirements

While sponsoring a spouse, partner, or child, your application may be rejected on the terms of your accommodation not meeting the requirement that should the application be accepted, your home will not be legally overcrowded. To avoid this problem, acquire a UK Immigration Property Inspection Report.

Not Meeting the Home Office English Language Requirement

If you are a foreign national applying for a UK Immigration Visa, The Home Office requires you to take and pass an English Language test called the Secure English Language Test (SELT). Not passing the test may be grounds for your application to be rejected. Many people prefer to take SELT courses beforehand to be better prepared for the test to avoid this problem.

Missing the Correct Document or Having Incomplete Paperwork

Whether you are applying for a UK Visa for a family member or a European Citizen applying for an EU Settlement Scheme permit, you need to make sure you have all your supporting documentation. Not having the right documentation can lead to your application being denied or a delay of up to six months. To avoid this problem, make sure you have a detailed checklist of the documentation needed or help from an immigration advice service.

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