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Legal News

“You must never give up”. Successful Appeal against a Life Sentence

Given a life sentence for murder in the UK, he was released and went back to Poland in January this year. In total he spent over 6 years imprisoned in England.  After two Appeals and fighting for his release and a change in the category of the crime, the lawyer Anna Matelska from the Legal Firm “AM International Solicitors”- in London had successfully taken up his case and overturned his sentence. “I think, that it can give hope to many convicted persons abroad to never ever give up” – said the lawyer.

The shaky future of the European Arrest Warrant in Britain! “Brexit” and extraditions. Will something change?

The changes taking place in British law will not affect the immigrants who are currently living in the UK. Such information was published on the UK government website. However, the question is, what will happen to people who are threatened with extradition? Are there any known or anticipated changes which could potentially affect their situation?